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I grew up in Harford County, Maryland.  After living in Baltimore, for 5 years, where I attended the Maryland Institute of Art,  I moved to California with my husband in 1987. We have two grown children.  

We have been living and working in  Berkeley, CA since 1992.   When people ask the question, "what do you do?"

I say, "what needs to be done".  My life  and work are intricately intertwined with my husband.  We have both been almost exclusively self employed for the last 35 years renovating old run down houses.  My jobs have included but not limited to:  Decorative painting for Art 4 Architecture, working side by side with my husband renovating and designing, climbing tall extension ladders to prep and paint exteriors,  cleaning and scrubbing rentals,  painting apartments, varnishing floors, book keeping, rental property management, and waitressing. 

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